Synøve Dreyer was raised in the historic Old Town of Fredrikstad in Norway. It was a dynamic quarter full of history and artists. In the early years 1990 she moved to Oslo. Here she started her career as an assistant for Kai Nordrum, one of Norways best known commercial photographers at the time. In 1997 she started her own studio. Since then Synøve has dedicated herself to the craft of food photography and cinemagraphs. She has photographed numeorus magazine features, advertising campaigns and cookbooks to date.  She works with some of the best food stylists and chefs in Norway.

Her photographs reveal her passion for natural light, seasional and fresh ingredients. A love of travel and a genuin interest in people. She currently lives on the little island Jeløy, a few miles south of Oslo.

Mob: 0047-91550442